Thanks to the moon…

This poem was written late one night!

I woke for a glass of water and when I entered my kitchen the moonlight was shining in. I walked slowly to the window and saw this big twinkling moon staring at me. I stood for 10 minutes…then sat at the kitchen table and wrote this poem…the moon was my first inspiration and reason I began to write, it basically told me to write the truth and nothing more!

The Truth
Even if your
Voice shakes 
Your hands tremble 
Speak the truth
Even if your
Doubts control 
Two steps forward, three steps back 
Speak the truth 

Even if your
Wall starts to crumble
Brick by brick, slowly out of place 
Speak the truth

Even if your

Sense of belonging feels lost 
And your dreams float far
Speak the truth 
Even if your
Eyes water, and flow
With tears shaped like seeds
Let them grow
Speak the truth

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