Sometimes you just simply want to be appreciated. You put so much time, passion and energy into something for someone and what you want back is a simple recognition, forget about the thank you because sometimes that thank you is used too much or just the easy way out! To be appreciated is to be given a reason for how that ‘something’ you did effected or changed or helped that person. People need to be appreciated for the things they do. No matter how big or small, being appreciated is one of the most important thing to feel because it gives you reason, purpose and self-value. Us humans need to be reassured, because it allows a positive sense of self-worth be reinforced in our lives…people tend to lose it, this self-worth that seems to fade more and more as we grow up.

Now for facts: An Austrian psychiatrist Victor Frankl, developed an approach called ‘logotherapy’, which suggests that human beings are motivated by a ‘will to meaning’. Meaning we flourish when we live with a sense of meaning and purpose…

4 thoughts on “HUMANS NEED TO BE…Appreciated

  1. This was fascinating… and true.

    I don’t know. I see a lot of evil in the world. Evil coming from people. Sorry, but it’s the truth. As far as what I see. I don’t know if it’s true, as in fact, that they are the source–it could be mis-perception on my end. Or miscommunication on theirs. But I wanted to say this because I think it relates to what you wrote in that, I get discouraged so heavily by this “evil from people” that I see practically everywhere. It is the opposite of “will to meaning”; it is will to destruction. And I don’t like it.

    Um. I don’t know. I’ve thought a lot about this sort of stuff but haven’t practiced talking about it. In any case, thank you for the reminder–I cherish it. I’ll keep fighting for the will to meaning and appreciate others as best I can–as well as myself.


    1. Yes I totally agree, evilness is apart of world and I think it’s there for a reason, so people can identify and choose to be bitter or choose not to be? I believe it’s all a choice, one may see, hear and be around evil people but one does have choice to listen and stay around! I know is not as easy as that as evil people can hurt like like, there words, their bitterness,but I guess part of me think’s if one really wants to, they can ignore all this evil or at least not let it control you…it is good to question evil and ask why it is there? How it all began…!

      Also thank you for commenting, I’ve only started this blog because I feel lately I am compressing a lot thoughts and feel my thoughts should be shared online, because sometimes when you speak to someone they only listen to reply, they don’t actually listen and really think about what your saying!


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