Why I wear a CROSS

Recently there has been this new trend going around where people are wearing crosses as a piece of jewelry. People only wear it because it is considered fashionable and trendy! Before this trend started…I always wore one. I wore one because for me it symbolizes ‘sacrifice’. I am not religious at ALL…but I am well educated about religion and world wide religion as I’ve studied it in school and it is amazing how interesting it can be. I wear the cross because I think everyone ends up sacrificing in life. I think it’s natural that you have to prioritize and give up things that you may not want to or ever planned to. Nothing in this life can be accomplished by traveling on a straight path and I think people need to be aware that making sacrifices are healthy and is all part of living! For me, wearing it reassures me that when I do make sacrifices that it is okay and that I am doing or at least trying to do the right thing. I guess if you are religious you could compare it to the fact that Jesus sacrificed his life for all of us to live? That even though he lost his life, we were all saved…So yeah religious or not religious, it is good to sacrifice and is good to acknowledge the goodness that comes after sacrificing. Sometimes it may include being selfish,having to pick and choose over certain people or how you spend your time but look… it is your choice and know that when you sacrifice, you are simply allowing yourself to see the more important things in life, which benefits and feeds your soul!

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